Fractional CMO

CMO Level Talent. Manager Level Budget.

VC-backed companies often approach product launch without a marketing lead. Sales teams are left fighting with their bare hands, without the marketing arsenal that can cut down cold-calling and accelerate sales cycles.

We deliver on-demand B2B marketing expertise, on a fractional (part-time) basis, so you can manage expenses while ramping up.

Does this sound like your sales team?

  • Nobody has heard of us!

  • I don't have an elevator pitch!

  • Which companies should I target? I need contact names!

  • I don't know what to say when I'm asked why we're better than [ insert competitor name here ] !

  • I didn't know that [ legal, tech, finance ] was a gate keeper. I need value props for them too!

  • How do I demonstrate ROI?

B2B Marketing Group fuels sales team success:

  • ​Brand Strategy

  • Demand Generation

  • Sales Enablement

B2B Brand Strategy | B2B Brand Consultant NYC
B2B Digital Marketing Consultant | B2B Lead Gen | NYC
Fractional CMO | B2B Sales Enablement
Brand Strategy
Answer key questions to define the brand
  • What do we stand for?
  • How are we differentiated?
  • What's our elevator pitch?
  • What is our company 'persona'?
  • Who are our target audiences? And what do we need them to know about us?

Demand Generation
Inbound and outbound lead generation
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing mix optimization  
  • Multiple formats, eg.: blogs, white papers, videos, surveys, advisory panels
  • Inbound: SEO, Social Media, Guest blogs, PR
  • Outbound: email, SEM, events, content syndication, lead nurturing

Sales Enablement
Tools for every sales stage and buyer persona
  • Value props for each buyer persona
  • Case studies and fact sheets
  • ROI calculators
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Qualified leads (MQL and SQL)
  • Email templates